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Ghree.in is a 100% Shuddh Desi A2 Cow Ghee brand that promises to deliver authentic Ghee traditionally made with Bilona method from curd. We are not just selling Ghee but the promise to be completely pure, preservative & adulteration-free life long.

The Ghee of Ghree.in is much healthier compared to other brands because we source our ghee from the A2 cow breeds (especially from Sahiwal) and follow one of the most popular and traditional methods of ghee making, the BILONA METHOD. This method helps to conserve the nutritional value of ghee which makes it the real nectar.


Special About Ghree.in

A2 Cow

A2 Cow

A2 cow milk is considered more beneficial than A1 because A1 milk has β-casein proteins that can cause certain diseases while A2 milk lacks this β-casein which makes it healthier.

Made With Curd

Commercially, ghee is not made from curd but is made directly from cream, which is certainly an easier method, but the nutritional value of ghee made from cream is much lower than that of ghee made from curd.

Bilona Method

We have chosen authenticity over profit and thus use the traditional Bilona Vidhi of making ghee which is a long process but retains all the useful nutritions in Ghee.

No Preservatives & Adulteration

There is no adulteration of any kind in our ghee, this is confirmed by the yellow color of the ghee and the grains (whose color is slightly light) present in it.

The richness of Ghee can be preserved if small things are achieved during production and by following these things we make Ghree.in Super Rich A2 Cow Ghee for you.


Process We Follow

Milking Cow

Our cowherds milk the cows with utmost care and ensure that there are no impurities during the milking process.


This milk is heated and cooled thoroughly, after which a small amount of curd or buttermilk is added to it to complete the process of curdling.

Bilona Method

This curd has to go through the Bilona process where a wooden stick is rotated rapidly with the help of a rope in the curd, as a result, we get butter and buttermilk and we separate the butter.

Heating Process

This butter is then heated over a fire which eventually turns into aromatic and nutrient-rich ghee.

Why A2 Cow?

There are 2 types of milk exist – A1 and A2. These are categorized based on the types of Casein Protein present in the milk. We all know that the largest part of milk is made up of β-casein proteins which have several different forms and the most common are A1 & A2.

A1 β-casein protein releases a Beta-casomorphin-7 after the digest and this BCM-7 is linked to type 1 diabetes, heart disease, infant death, autism, and digestive problems and that is why A2 cow milk is considered healthier in comparison with A1.

Ghree.in ghee is made with the milk of Sahiwal A2 cow and this is why it is healthy for you in comparison to other brands that uses A1 cow milk to produce Ghee.


Why Bilona Method?

The Bilona Method is one of the oldest methods of making ghee in which the A2 cow milk is turned into curd by using buttermilk or curd. This curd is transferred into a clay pot equipped with Bilona (A wooden churner with rope wrapped around it).

This Bilona is then rotated with the help of the rope, after a some time the butter starts floating on the buttermilk which is then isolated into another clay pot.

This butter is heated on a middle flame that eventually turns into ghee and the residue is separate from the pure, delicious, and nutritious ghee. Some big brands produce ghee directly from the cream which is not as healthy as Ghee made from the Bilona Method with curd.

Happy Customers

Ghree is my kitchen essential! The richness and purity of this A2 Cow Ghee bring a burst of flavor to every dish. It’s the secret ingredient that takes my cooking to the next level.

Rani Chaturvedi
Rani Chaturvedi

As a mom, quality matters. Ghree is our family's trusted source of goodness. The easy digestibility and the traditional bilona method used make it the perfect addition to our daily meals.

Shikha Ravi Saxena
Shikha Ravi Saxena

Ghree is a game-changer. The fact that it’s 100% pure and made using the traditional bilona method sets it apart. My morning routine is incomplete without a spoonful of Ghree.

Girish Singh
Girish Singh

Ghree has won my taste buds over! The aroma and authenticity of this A2 Cow Ghee make it stand out. From spreading it on toast to cooking with it, Ghree has become a staple in my kitchen.

Latika Joshi
Latika Joshi
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